Abnormal smear

Hello everyone I'm only 26 I went for my 1st smear last December 3months after giving birth to my son and my

Results came back mild abnormalities with hpv infection I went for a colposcopy and was told it was normal and my immune

System was still building itself back up from having a baby and it should go back to normal 

Then in march i had a miscarriage I was told I'll need to go for another smear test in December this year but I can't help but 

Still feel scared and worried I go to bed at night sometimes crying with worry that something is gonna be wrong and I'm gonna 

Leave my son behind 

I dont have much advice in relation to the medical side of things but wanted to send a hug as you are obviously really struggling emotionally right now. Make sure you talk to someone about how you're feeling like a friend, partner, family member Xx