Abnormal smear test

Hi all I wanted to post my experience and need a bit of help as I’m scared. I am 34 always had normal smear test iv never been worried about my results untill now, I went to my smear test on the 19th Feb and I came home n seen blood iv never seen blood befor an I said to my husband my smear test is gonna come back something is wrong I can feel that it isn’t right. Iv had bad pains for a few months. a few days befor my period starts I get severe pain an they last till my period is over. ( iv never ever in my life had period pains untill few months ago), There so bad it feels like I’m in labour every month n want to push but nothing is there. I went for the 3 cameras in belly they said I was a bit swollen n that I should try get the coil fitted but I didn’t as didn’t think that would take the pain away but anyway I went for my smear so waited on results first be for I got coil fitted. Got my results an they was as I feared high grade dyskaryosis didn’t know what it ment but knew it wasn’t good it said they will Send a letter out within 2 weeks for the hospital for colposcopy also didn’t know what that was. But I got the letter the very next day to go hospital in 4 days I was thinking alsorts as they was calling me in so fast anyway I went 3 days ago n he told me I had very high precancerous cells but told me it’s dusnt mean I have cancer but they need to do lletz n take a closer look so I said yes didn’t know what it was they was doing didn’t really take it all in just did what they told me to do got on the bed wasn’t very nice he was doing sum stuff then Said he was giving me a needle n to cough so I did but it hurt so much then he said just 3 more I started crying but got threw it might of been better if I was told to take someone with me instead of being on my own. After the needle I heard a lot of noises n smelling burn didn’t hurt only the 4 needles did. Then I got dressed n he said He would ring in 2 weeks with result n treatment so now I’m thinking did he see something as why wud he mentioned treatment but I don’t know. I’m just so worries he didn’t get them all out I’m so scared n got over a week left to wait. I didn’t ask any questions as I’m shy so I don’t know what’s gonna happen or what it means for my future