Abnormal smear test results- terrified! (children mentioned)

Hi ladies
I’m new to this site and just looking for some advice or reassurance if poss :frowning:

I’ve received my smear test results which came back abnormal- high grade dyskaryosis, whether it is moderate or severe I’m not sure as this was not stated in letter. It does say “it is unlikely you have cancer” though which is enough to frighten the wits out of me and cause me to have anxiety attacks. I have been booked in for a colocscopy on Monday to look at my cervix clearly which I know is procedure but I cannot stop crying I can’t eat properly, sleep properly I just cry and cry. I look at my two young sons and it breaks my heart I am utterly terrified that I have cc.

I was fortunate to be have a smear test at the age of 21 which came back borderline cell changes, which was expected due to my age. I had 3 smear tests after that yearly and all came back normal, my last smear was when I was 24 (normal)and I was told to go back in 3 years time. Which I did as soon as I got my reminder letter through. Im 27 and this is my first abnormal result :frowning:

I suffered from heavy periods at 24 after having my Mirena removed. A year and half later I was advised to have the Mirena again as it stopped my periods completely which was brill. Had another year and half with the Mirena in again but it caused terrible breast pain so had it removed. Unfortunately the heavy periods are back, the first two days are horrendous but seem to wear off after that and normally last between 4-5 days with slight spotting a couple of days after but that’s it. No pain during intercourse no bleeding after or during intercourse and no heavy bleeding in between periods. Sorry to ramble but I guess what I’m trying to say is can heavy periods be a sign of something serious and is that why I’ve had abnormal results? Or do periods just change throughout your lifetime?

I won’t lie I’ve been a complete mess I just want to curl up in a ball and shut the world out. I understand it’s not uncommon to have abnormal results or high grade dyskaryosis but I can’t stop worrying and thinking the worse case scenario. It’s the worse feeling in the world :frowning: could I also ask any ladies that have gone through this what the colscopy is like? And the treatment? If my results are high grade will it be likely that I will have treatment?

As I write this my beautiful sons are sat on the bed with me drawing pictures and reading me stories and all I want to do is cry.

Sorry to be OTT but I really can’t help it my anxiety has hit the roof :frowning:

Thanks for taking the time to read

Claire xx

Hi Claire

I know exactly how you feel. I have been going for smears since I was 20 and they were all normal until my latest one in October 2015. I had the same vague letter which was enough to put me into a complete melt down!!

I didn't find out until my colposcopy that my changes from the smear were severe - this is before the colposcopy was performed. The colposcopy itself was absolutely fine!! Just like a longer smear test and I actually thought to myself that it wasn't as uncomfortable either. It's all over and done with in 15/20 minutes and my nurses and consultant were amazing.

I got to see my cervix on the screen and when the consultant did the two tests with vinegar and iodine (I think) nothing actually showed up! He could see nothing at all to worry about but he saw a very small area of inflammation which he wanted to biopsy.

The biopsy felt like a tiny pinch which last half a second...it was over with before I even had time to realise what was happening! 

After the colposcopy I had a little bit of period like pain for the rest of the day but nothing that a day in front of the tv couldnt cure. I had a bit of discharge from the iodine solution for a few days but other than that - I was fine! 

The worst part is waiting for biopsy results...I waited a long time but kept hassling the colposcopy department and it turned out that my severe high grade smear was actually such a small area of CIN 2 that it couldn't be seen during colposcopy. On March 1st I had cold coagulation done for this - it lasted 20 seconds and I had no anaestheti, I've recovered well! The nurse had a good look at my cervix again to check and I felt so reassured. I have to go back in 6 months for a test of cure and a HPV test. 

One of the most important things is not to google!!! If you have questions or need someone to talk to - come here. Google terrified me and I had awful anxiety over the whole thing. 

I hope this helps you! And if you need anything please message me :)

Charlene xx


Hi Charlene :)


thanks so much for your reply! Its an awful frightening experience isnt it. Your message has put me at ease, I do know a few ladies that have had the same smear results and have gone on to have the colocscopy and successful treatment but my mind is full of 'what if's?' What if it's the start of something serious? i wish these horrible anxious thoughts would go away :-(


i just keep keep reminding myself that I have always kept up to date with my smears so surely that's a good thing?!


now every niggle I've had in the past is creeping up on me. The back pain I never went to the doctors about, that one time i lightly bled before my period was due, the discharge (I know hormones may play a part in this but your mind can't help but wander)


the crying hasn't been too bad today. i just feel exhausted thinking about it. I can't eat or sleep properly.


im so happy you got good news! 

I will keep you posted about how the colocscopy goes on Monday x

claire xx