Abnormal smear test few months ago but new symptoms - help?


Was hoping for some thoughts and maybe advice from people on here that may have been through the same.  I had a smear test over 6 months ago now which came back as abnormal and need another one next week.  During the last few months I have experienced new symptoms and freaking myself out over it so just wondered if there was anyone else going through the same.

I have always had issues with polycystic ovaries and abnormal smears then everything goes back to normal. The last few months I have pretty much had some sort of bleeding between periods every day.  I bleed after sex and it is becoming more and more painful which is making me not want it.  Obviously my amazing boyfriend hasn't said anything but it isn't good for our relationship or my self confidence.

In the last few weeks I have been getting a watery discharge which is soaking through making me feel like I have wet myself.  I am getting a pain nea my right hip/pelvis that is sending a shooting pain down my right leg.  Sometimes it stops me in my tracks if I am walking.  I am also getting another pain now and again in pubic region which is quick but excruciating and I am just constantly tired.

Sorry if TMI but if there is anyone there that has anything similar it would be great to here.  Absolutely freaking out and can't think about anything else.  I have my appointment with the Doctor on Tuesday next week

Thank you so much for reading.


Gemma x