Abnormal smear - terrified

i got a letter today saying I’m being referred for a Colposcopy following an abnormal smear. But I don’t have any other information. Is it mild? Moderate? Severe? The not knowing is terrifying me. I have two young children and I can’t stop my mind going to scary places. Is anyone else in the same boat

Me. Received mine about 20 minutes ago and already been through every emotion! Mine states low grade though, if I were you I’d ring your doctor and ask them to. Confirm with more detail to set your mind at rest. I e read the leaflet I got with it and all the info on here and am trying not to worry no genuinely think there is no need but it’s easier said than done isn’t it! Xxx

I have received the same!

have you any more info that could shed some light for me? Hope all’s well