Abnormal smear results

Hello all.

I'm new here as I just feel I need to speak to ladies who understand.

Firstly, I'm a nurse....a children's nurse but a nurse nine the less. This has not however, stopped me freaking out & feeling anxious.

I've had high grade (mod) dyskaryosis found on my latest smear. This was done during a hysteroscopy as a scan showed I had a polyp.  I had a polyp removed a year ago but my symptoms came back.  Those symptoms being pain in my pelvic area, lower abdo, back & hips...intermittent discharge & "odd" odour & discomfort after sex & sometimes spotting.  When they did this hysteroscopy there actually was no polyp!! So, my concerns straight away were....what had been seen on the uss?? 

I have already been given an appt for a colonoscopy in 6 weeks....incidently this would have been around the time I should have had my 8 week post op check.

My nurse head is saying "calm down", "there's other things it could be" but the person head is freaking out & thinking about worst case scenario's & what will happen over the coming months!!

I have anxiety disorder which doesn't help!!

Sorry to off load but I'm sure I'm not the first.