Abnormal Smear Results - terrified!

Hello! Just looking for a little bit of advice regarding my smear results…

I’m 24 years old and went for a private smear last week as I just felt something wasn’t right (no idea why, had no symptoms or anything, dammed health anxiety!!)

My results came back today showing severe dykarasis (I can’t spell it but I’m sure you know what I mean!) And glandular neoplasia which required an urgent refferal for biopsies and a colposcopy.

Well I’m in a massive panic now. Absolutely convinced I have cervical cancer and dreading my colposcopy appointment which i obviously haven’t got yet!

Just looking for a bit of reassurance.

Thank you very much to all you brave and wonderful ladies xxx

Hi! I'm afraid I haven't got much useful to say in advance! Lol. I have had severe dysplasia twice and lletz treatments twice (really not as bad as you think), the fact you don't have a colposcopy appointment I would maybe find some reassurance in? I could be wrong though. When i went for my first lletz it turns out it was actually not as severe as they thought :) Google has a lot of misleading information, try not to worry too much until you get to colposcopy and ask your gynae any questions you may have. 

You can watch the screen and when the dye is added the abnormal areas will turn white. Your gynae should talk you through what he/she is seeing. I like to think if anything was very sinister they would hint at it before biopsies are sent off but don't quote me on that.


Much love and hugs xxx

Thank you for your reply Tessie! I don't have a colposcopy appointment because I went privately so had to go back to my own GP so he could make the referral which I did this morning. 

He was really shocked at the results which made me feel really anxious, and he more or less said yes this is a cancer referral. 

Now I have awful lower backache, loads of discharge (sorry, TMI!) and thinking the worst. 

I can't stop crying everytime I think of the what ifs. 

I'm dreading whatever treatment I have to have. I've heard it's not too bad I think it's just the thought of it. 

Hope you're okay, sorry for rambling on! 

Lots of love xx