Abnormal smear result - understand yours nhs decoding document


People reading this can be feeling really stressed over their abnormal smear result. It comes in the form of confusing, scary wordings with vague grading. I didn’t listen to advice and deep the internet scared myself half to hell so please don’t do that! BUT I came across the NHS nation grading for ANY and EVERY smear sent to colposcopy for referral.

I believe that I should have been given this information by my GP/ nurse and or sent the document with the refferal letter. I should not have had to spend the hours and hours of googling for any kind of varifed information.

I am posting this because people especially women need to be able to advicate for themselves medically and you can’t do that without information and sadly I think the NHS isn’t up to that task so we need to do it ourselves.

Please check your results with the link below to make sure they have put you in the right pathway for how many weeks you should legally have to wait for colposcopy.


If in the wrong pathway pick up that phone and you call the GP AND the hospital that you are booked in at. Do not stop - cuts, strikes whatever the nhs has its plate you are entitled to the full benift of this essential screening including anything and everything beyond the smear.

My absolutely best wishes for anyone going through this. Here for anyone that may need me!