Abnormal smear, post coital bleeding, and colposcopy


I had a colposcopy this week and it won't make a difference what came back on your smear test. They will only be interested in what they can see on the day and will take a biopsy for futher testing anyway.

Try not to stress too much, the procedure was painless, just a little uncomfortable.

I will say though just be careful what you research before you go as every woman is different and we will not have the same bodies etc. I'm talking from experience as i googled and found the very things i was expecting to see wasn't the same.

Just remember the worst thing about this is the waiting not the actual procedure.

Good Luck x

Thanks for the reply. The waiting is the bad bit :-(

all seems like a lot of waiting, and makes things stressful for women


From my abnormal smear to Colposcopy it took 3 weeks, my GP assured me that they don't make women wait long.

They may be able to see the cause of bleeding as the microscope used is about 40 times stronger than anything else to look. If they take a biopsy it takes 3 to 4 weeks for the results....I have just over 3 weeks to wait now :(

My consultant asked me at the time if i wanted the treatment then or to come back....i opted for treatment straight away, if they can see cells i wanted them removed asap......not wait for another appointment.


It all depends on the hospital and their waiting times I think. My smear results were March, my colposcopy and biopsy was in May, treatment was in June and results/diagnosis were July. So it's not always the quickest process which is annoying as the waiting is the worst bit but at least you are in the system now so you are on the way! :) 


Not much i can add further to what other have written.  Glad to hear you appt has arrived, i had my coposcopy appt arrive for tomorrow, however i cant make this and are sticking to my other appt also on 7th November, im not sure what will happen on this day for me just yet.