Abnormal smear, HPV virus, colposcopy no cin

Hi everyone,

i hope You are All well. I had my first smear test at the age of 25 in June this year. My results come back abnormal with HPV detected, it said that it showed low grade dyskaryosis. My GP sent me for a colposcopy and they took a biopsy, the lady said she could see a teeny tiny area that looked abnormal and she doubts it will come back as anything. I then received a letter a week later to say that the results come back showing no CIN and to go back in a year to have a repeat smear and HPV testing.

i Have been racking my brain ever since and it’s driving me crazy, my question is how comes my first smear test showed low grade dyskaryosis and my colposcopy showed that there wasn’t any cin at all? I know this is great news but don’t know what this means for my future. 

- is there a chance that in the upcoming year it could change from no CIN to CIN?

- is there a chance that my HPV will go away within the year or am I likely to go back and they say that I still have the virus?

- why did my first smear show low grade dyskaryosis and my colposcopy show no CIN?

please can someone shed some light or insight About this or if anyone has had the same experience as me and their outcome?

thank you so much xxx

CIN 1 is small changes that can revert back to normal.

Same with the HPV virus, it can sometimes be active and other times not.


So it's possible that you could have smear in 6month/ year and no HPV found and cells ok.