Abnormal Smear.. High Risk HPV


Im 32 and have been having Smears every 3 years. My results have always come back normal in the past. I went for my 3 yearly Smear on the 18th Feb and received a letter 2 weeks later saying i have Borderline Changes in Squamous Cells and High Risk HPV. I was then referred for a Colposcopy which is this Monday (1st April) Im hoping that they find everytjing is ok. Just wondered if anyone else has had this result before and had the all clear at the Colposcopy?

Smear: 18th Feb (Borderline Changes in Squamous Cells & High Risk HPV)



Just an update. I went for my Colposcopy today. Wasn't as bad as i thought it would be.

Some abnormal cells seen on Cervix.

2 Punch Biopsies taken.. Said it will be up to 4 Weeks to get the results.

Will update once i have recieved results.

Hi, Well done for having the colposcopy. Borderline changes are essentially cells just starting to change, but not cancer; the punch biopsy is normal procedure for confirming this result. They may just recall you in 6 months time after this, since at this stage, you have about 95% chance of it reverting to normal without any treatment.

I understand that 4 weeks will feel a long time to wait for results, but it’s hghly unlikely that it will progress during that time.

All the best.

Hi. I had normal smears every 3 years up until 2 years ago. It came back bordeline with hpv virus. Referred to colposcopy for further testing where biopsy was taken( no cell changes were found just hpv virus). 

Recall in 1 year time. Had my colposcopy couple of weeks ago with smear test

 All came back normal with no traits of hpv. Coming back in 1 year to check there is no set backs. Hpv is annoying, but in most cases our body clears it after some time. I am 41 

Good luck ladies