Abnormal smear & high risk HPV :( - children mentioned

Hi ladies,

I was previously a member here a number of years ago but sadly can't remember my log in details so I will give a bit of background.

In 2009, my first smear at aged 27 was CIN 3, so I went for the colp and ended up having the LLETZ, which turned out to be successful so I was back to 3 yearly checks once given the all clear in summer 2011, not long before I fell pregnant.  I also tested clear for HPV at that time.

Fast forward 3 years, go for my normal smear and now I have low grade dyskaryosis and high risk HPV so I am having another colp on 26th of this month.  I am really scared, more so than last time as now I have a 2 year old who needs me and am so scared it could be worse.

As it was a while ago and it all seemed a blur, what can I expect?  I am worried my HPV is classed as high risk.  Why such a change when I am on schedule with all my smears?



I am a real newbie to all of this but I didn't want to read and run :)

Apologies if this is something you're already aware of, but I think by 'high-risk HPV' it just means that a high-risk strain has been found. There are lots of strains of HPV and not all cause cervical changes. They don't mean that you are particularly at a high-risk of getting severe issues, just that you have a high-risk strain of virus. I have also just been told I have high-risk HPV. Your dsykarosis is still low-grade so that is definitely a really positive thing. There is no reason why it would be worse - it sounds like it's less severe than last time. The HPV thing is a relatively new test and still not rolled out across the entire country; you could have had that last time without being aware of it, or rather, even tested for it. Obviously I completely empathise with the anxiety which is 100% understandable! If you are feeling really upset about it, it might be worth talking to your GP because I think he or she would be able to reassure you whilst you wait for the colposcopy.


I apologise if this was really rambling or seems like I am talking about something I have no clue on (which I am, to an extent!). I just wanted to give you my 2p's worth, I suppose :) xxx



Thank you for your reply.  It has helped calm me a bit.  Sorry to hear you are going through the same with the HPV. xx

Hi everyone, just to let you know I had my colposcopy this week and biopsies, she said it is looking like CIN2 and am likely to be asked to go back. :(