Abnormal smear for nearly 3 years? No biopsy?

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been having consistent minor and borderline smears for nearly 3 years, I was seen at colposcopy but was discharged after a one off normal smear 7 months ago. My most recent smear 4 weeks ago has again come back borderline, I’m so confused! I was never given a biopsy at colposcopy as the doctor said the area was “trivial”!

Adding to my worries is that I’ve had slight bleeding after sex for the past 5 months, I’ve been to the GP several times who thinks it is nothing to worry about but has finally agreed to refer me to gynaecology as of yesterday but I could be waiting a long time to be seen.

After reading posts on here, I have terrified myself thinking what if something has been missed as the smear is not 100% and there are people saying that they had borderline smears but it was only after a biopsy that CIN3 or cancer showed? Even though their cervix appeared normal to look at during colposcopy as the problem can lie much deeper?

Is it possible that a consultant looking at my cervix during colposcopy and a seperate gynae consultant at a GUM clinic looking at my cervix regards the bleeding could miss something more severe? I also had an internal scan at the gum clinic.

I’m driving myself crazy worrying about the what ifs and the wait for gynae referral and 6 months for another smear that might not pick everything up!