abnormal smear, CIN 3, Boipsy, Lletz

Hi there, last month I had an abnormal smear and told I had SIN 3. I was sent to hospital where they offered a “see and treat”, during my colposcopy they said no treatment required and took a biopsy, that became infected, I had a high temperature felt faint strong blood loss and smelly discharge.

I then received an alarming 7pm phone call saying results were with the doctor and needed discussing, made me very nervous. I went back and he said there wasn’t any cancer but I would need treatment, felt alarmed for no reason. He carried out the Lletz which wasn’t great with a local anesthetic I could still fell alot. Now waiting for the results from that. Been very bloated since my treatment and the odd cramp. Just want results to hurry now so i can put this all behind me.