Abnormal smear but no colposcopy?

Hi all, I just recieved my smear result from 5 weeks ago and it showed mild changes, it said I would have another smear in 6 months. This kind of confused me as I previoulsy had an abnormal smear about 6/7 years ago which showed mild changes and I was refered to colposcopy to monitor this not just another smear 6 months later. What worries me is it's been 3 years since my last smear and what if the changes are actually worse than CIN1 and the smear isn't showing this up, only colposcopy would. Can I ask to be refered to colposcopy?

The reason they no longer refer for colposcopy for mild changes is that mild changes often change back to normal cells on their own within 6 months and sending women for colposcopy for it was worrying for them, and was of no benefit to the woman, especially as every procedure has risks. If your next smear still shows mild changes then you will be sent for colposcopy. Easier said then done but try not to worry, if you have symptoms then go and ask for colposcopy. If not then, waiting it out is really the best option for you.


I'm guessing you probably had a normal smear after the colposcopy 6/7 years ago to be on routine 3 yearly screening? But if you've had abnormal smears since the original colposcopy then I think it's reasonable to request a colposcopy.

It's pretty standard to have repear smear after 6 months with mild abnormalities as in many women they do back to normal. As Lissy has said, if you have any symptoms then speak to your doctor, otherwise it'll a case of waiting. 

I understand how worrying all this can be. Do take care x