Abnormal Smear boderline abnormalities and active hpv

Hello everyone,

This forum has really helped me when the children and hubby are in bed and i have time at night to dwell and worry about my impending colposcopy in exactly a week. I have waited two weeks already- after receiving an abnormal smear result and being informed that i had an active hpv virus which i must have had at the very least for two years.

Today something happened to me that has never happened- i had brown blood stained discharge- just a bit - but enough to make me end up in tears with more worry. My periods have also been heavier- but i attributed that to having a baby eight months ago. And i suppose that i have had slight lower back pain and pelvic sensitivity so now i am worrying so much.

But i am confused because the letter i received after my smear stated ‘borderline’ cells letter which i have been told is mild???

I guess i will just have to wait until next week- but i am very scared about what they will find.

Hi Danni

I know it's easier said than done, but don't worry too much, looking for symptoms or googling. I tried to rationalise it myself by being thankful whatever it is it was caught early and it would be treatable. Stress would only serve to do my body further harm, so kept busy and focus on other things.

A bit of discharge could be a number of things. The HPV virus is very very common, and I think it's something like 80+% of the population have it.

My cells were severe, and I had them all removed under GA. Treatment is thorough and marvellous these days.

Please try not to get worked up. It is what it is, soon be all over and sorted.

Best wishes xx