Abnormal smear and pregnancy


The last two years my smears have come back as low grade dyskaryosis and positive for HPV. I was invited for a colposcopy after each smear result and after both colposcopies I was told no further treatment required and it 'Should' clear up on its own but to attend a yearly smear to be sure. 

My most recent result has come back as high risk (moderate) dyskaryosis and I have been invited for a further colposcopy with lletz on Tuesday. 

I currently have the copper IUD instu and I was planning on having this removed in a couple of weeks time as my partner and I would like to try for our first baby. 

Will having abnormal cells affect me from getting pregnant? Will it affect the baby if I was to fall pregnant or should we wait until my smears/ colposcopy are no longer 'abnormal? I'm 29years old and feel like the clock is ticking!! 

Also absolutely terrified I'm going to get bad news after the procedure :-|