Abnormal smear and colposcopy



I am new to this site but I just wanted to share a more positive experience of having an abnormal smear as I found this site really helpful when I got the abnormal results.

I booked to go to my smear as it was due and when I got the results 5 weeks later it came back as CIN3 with an urgent referral for a colposcopy within 2 weeks. As you can imagine I was absolutely distraught thinking the worst. I had googled everything, good and bad (mainly focusing on the bad) and was an absolute nervous wreck. That's when I came across this website and found that it was quite common and took a lot of the fear away.

Anyway, I went for my colposcopy where the consultant said I had HPV changes and he took biopsies there and then. Considering I have had a bad painful experience with smear tests previously this was the least painful examination I have had. I didn't even feel the biopsies being taken and the whole process lasted around 10 minutes. The worst part was the ?iodine spray that they use to show up abnormal cells. 

I got the biopsy results within 2 weeks which came back as CIN2, so already 1 grade down from my original smear.

I was then invited back for another colposcopy examination a couple of months later to which the nurse sprayed the stingy stuff and said that she couldn't see any abnormal areas and she would invite me back for a smear test in a few months again.

This smear test I had a couple of weeks ago and had the results come through as completely normal with a negative HPV screen. I was so shocked by this as having CIN 3 made me think there was no way this could ever go back to normal without treatment. The clinic nurse said that having the biopsies taken can trigger your body into healing the affected area which can make it go back to normal.

Short story is is that I just wanted to put a positive story out there than CIN3 can go back to normal without treatment and the experience wasn't half as scary as I had made it out to be in my mind.

I had always been for regular smears and this experience has taught me to never ever miss one, no excuses! They absolutely save lives and I am forever grateful I had the changes caught early, even though I needed no treatment.

Sorry for the essay, I just wanted to help someone out there who has just got abnormal results like I did!



Age: 29


Thanks for this! I had a low grade abnormal smear but my biopsy came back as CIN2. I’m going back in a few months to see if it has regressed. Fingers crossed.

Fingers crossed for you! smile

Thanks for sharing. Always good to hear positive experiences.

I had colposcopy last week and it wasn't a bad experience at all.