Abnormal smear and clear colposcopy

Dear All, 

I am looking for others who may have had similar experiences as me. 

About this time last year my smear can back as severe changes, I went for a colopscopy and had loop diathermy treatment. The results showed that I had mild changes and HPV was present. I returned to the hospital for further treatment and another loop. This again did not show severe changes.

I have recently been back to the hospital for another colopscopy and smear. The colposcopy was clear, but my smear came back as abnormal again! 

I have spoken to my doctors and have asked to be referred to another hospital, for a second opinion and also because I have lost total confidence in my current hospitals ability to treat me.


Anyone had similar experiences?

Hi Dawn,

What an incredibly frustrating time you have been having! I think you have made a wise decision to go and get a second opinion from a different hospital. I don't imagine that your current hospital is incompetent but once you have lost faith then moving on is the best course of action I think.

Be lucky


hello dawn,

I have had an abnormal smear with CIN3/cancer?, was fast tracked 9 days for colposcopy.  Consultant

said everything looks healthy, showed me on the screen, took 2 large biopsies, still waiting for results

4 weeks now, although he said he would mark the biopsies urgent.

I also can't understand how you can have an abnormal smear and clear colposcopy.



No it's all a bit bizare! I think I need fresh eyes on my case. Magpie123, I would ring the hospital if I were you. They should've got back to you by now. Fingers crossed for you.

Hello Dawn, I rang the hospital, my case is being discussed at a CPC meeting next week, asked if

they had results from biopsies but told they don't give results out over the phone.  It will be 5 weeks next week.

Hope everything goes OK for you, I would ask for a second opinion if you are not happy.  Best wishes.

Hi Dawn


I have only just joined this forum and Magpie123 comments on my post led me to yours... I hope you dont mind me jumping on the bandwagon but let me know how you get on I had high grade dsykariosis on smear and had loop excision on Monday but the colposcopy showed nothing ?  The doctor said to me that "smear results dont lie so you have CIN3 but it obviously isnt showing it could be further up so we cant get at it or glandular ?? " but all that was said was see you in 6 months for smear nothing was discussed about results in 4-6 weeks so I too will be chasing the doctor about exactly what is going on !!!