abnormal smear again (children ment)

I just got a phonecall from the nurse to say that my smear was abnormal and that I was HPV plus. It’s ny fourth year of abnormal results with three treatments behind me, the latest one a cone biopsy in December. I feel distraught that nothing seems to work to get rid of the infection. It’s going to be a hysterectomy for me now. I know I’m lucky my family is complete, but I’m so worried even that won’t work and I will not be there for my children. They have removed so much of my cervix, why would this work? Anyway I’m obviously in panic mode and melodramatic. I just need a good cry and then I’ll be fine.

Big hugs I know this is so worrying when you have children. At least you are being are being closely monitored. Try not to worry though (I am talking to myself as well). Try and tell doctor how anxious you are and get a sooner appointment cancellations etc. xx

Thank you. I had a good cry. It does help. I'm lucky that my colposcopy appointment is in two weeks, so not long to wait. I'm also going to ask my gp for some sleeping tablet. The last three years have turned me into

A nervous wreck with a sleeping problem! Everything looks worse when sleep is needed. Good luck to all of you. Xxx


I am also HPV +ve and it's so worrying that it will just go on and on, isn't it? My GP was totally dismissive about it when I asked "what happens if I have treatment but the virus persists, am I going to be on this merry-go-round every year?". She said of course not, but there are plenty of examples on here of one treatment NOT being the end of it.

I suppose at least post hysterectomy you won't have a cervix on which the virus can cause problems, but I can see why you're worried - I would be too.

Hope that there are some ladies on here who have got to where you are now and can offer some reassurance.

big hugs


Hello Oldhand,

As someone who's had ongoing CIN problems since 2009 and seems unable to clear the HPV, I really do understand the anxiety that comes with this. It's a very difficult and worrying situation to be in. I'm glad you don't have too long to wait for your colpsocopy. 

As you have children I can appreciate your concerns with them. I'm sure they'll discuss things with you at your appointment, and I can understand the daunting thought of hysterectomy. 

I just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you. Take care and let us know how you get on. Please feel free to PM me if you wish to.

All the best to you x

Thank you all for your kind words. It feels like a virtual hug which is what I needed. It will be good to talk to the consultant. Hopefully then I’ll have a plan to focus on.

Twilight I’ve messaged you.