Abnormal results 1 year after LLETZ

Hi everyone, I went for my first smear at 25 in August 2015 and it came back as high grade changes and to go for urgent colposcopy. Anyway went and they did a LLETZ via general anaesthetic (couldn’t “relax” during the colposcopy; well can anyone?!) And the results came back as CGIN with clear margins.

I had a test of cure in February 2016 and it came back all clear and HPV free, and this letter explained I could have routine 3 yearly smears

I have had some issues with pelvic pain and spotting so I was sent to have another colposcopy last month, I thought nothing of it and presumed it was to rule out the obvious given my history. When they were applying the chemicals they noticed a white patch but it was very faint but she didn’t think it was anything to worry about but she took a biopsy (she said these could be viral changes; but if I didn’t have HPV then how is this possible!)

Anyway I got the letter last week which shows CIN1 cells and I had to have a repeat colposcopy/biopsy in 6 months.

Gutting isn’t the word, genuinely thought that after my test of cure that would be the end of it!

Has anyone had a similar situation? I am worried this is going to happen all the time now but I was under the impression as I was HPV free that the CGIN was a one off?

Also could the colposcopist/test of cure missed this CIN1 change?

I’m considering seeing my GP but last time I went they said I knew more than they did :frowning:

Hi madders, I'm in a similar situation with my 3rd lletz in 12 months scheduled for the end of the month. The difference is that I know I still have the virus and am struggling to clear it from my body. From my understanding cin1 often clears up without treatment so hopefully by your next appointment that will be the case . Did they retest you for hpv on this biopsy ?