Abnormal result severe high grade dyskaryosis

Feeling so scared right now had my smear done 10/01/17 had a letter dated 24/01 to say my results are abnormal and I have been referred for a coloscopy in the next 2 weeks and should get a letter from the hospital in the next 2 weeks.
The letter doesnt say anymore just ‘abnormal’ and I am so scared right now.

I am 35 and I have suffered from gyne problems since I was a teenager I have PCOS and cysts on my ovarys I have a coil fitted at the moment which has stopped my almost constant bleeding since september last year and i dont know what I am going to do if that is removed because I have no quality of life bleeding all the time so heavily. A hysterectomy has been mentioned in the past and now with all this worry as well I will be pushing to have this because I cant live with all this worry.

Hi Lucy,

I have just read the bottom of your post. Have you had your results yet?

I had the same, I went for my smear 26/01/2017 and had a phone call 5 days later saying I needed an urgent Colposcopy. I had 3 samples taken and am awaiting the results.

Hope you had some positive news.

Kelly xx

I am going th the same. I had my smear test on 14/2/17 always had regular tests and always been normal. Although I did bleed after the test. I received a letter today saying that high grade (severe) dyskaryosis was found in my sample. I have a colposcopy on Monday. Right now I am a mess, I'm trying to remain calm, but at the back of my mind the word Cancer is there!!! I'm really scared if I'm honest. I just want Monday to arrive, so I know what I'm dealing with.  I hope you both recieve positive news.

Hi all,

I had a routine smear test on the 10th of August and received a letter on the 18th stating that I had 'high grade dyskaryosis severe', and that I had also tested positive for HPV (Human Papilloma Virus). 

Although I've had regular periods since having my coil  removed 11 months ago, I've had moments of excruciating pain deep in my groin and lower back pain for a few weeks now but I put it down to the exciting and passionate (ahem) sex life my hubby and I have. 

I'm 31, I have three boys aged 8-13yrs and have just completed a three year degree in teaching and am due to start my career in a local school in september. To put it bluntly - I am terrified! I have recently lost my best friend to testicular cancer and I can't seem to drag my mind out of 'I've got cancer' mode.

Did you ladies receive your results?? 

I hope you all received positive news.

much love 


smear test - 10/08/17

Results letter - 18/08/17

colposcopy appointment - 24/08/17