Abnormal result after 6 months

Hi i went for my smear test after the 6 months since having LLetz treatment, in December, got my results today, abnormal result need to get examination at hospital 20th feb, is this quite normal to get an abnormal result so soon after treatment.


The nurse said she had problems finding my cervix when doing the examination






30/5/14    CIN 111 but no evidence of cancer - Colposcopy

19/6/14   CIN abnormal cells no evidence of cancer - LLetz treatment

22/12/14  Smear taken after 6months (changes got examination 20th Feb = another Colposcopy


Hi Ally,

I'm so sorry to hear you've had an abnormal result after treatment. I know just what a shock it can be, and hope you're doing ok.

In answer to your question, statistically more ladies after clear after LLETZ than get an abnormal result. BUT by far the most reason for an abnormal result is that they didn't quite remove all the abnormal area first time round. Ladies who experience this are more often than not ok after a bit more treatment. They'll get a better idea when you to go to the clinic in February, but I appreicate how this must feel like ages away, and it's not always easy to put it to the back of your mind

Take good care of yourself x

Hi thanks for your reply,  i think i was in a bit of shock on saturday, i suppose part of me thought i wouldnt get abnormal so soon after treatment.

I the good thing is i know what to expect now, although i didnt have a great experience with the hospital the last time i went and i wrote a letter of complaint,

I hope i dont get the same nurse and doctor this time,

thanks ally