Abnormal glandular cells and lletz under general needed

Hi everyone,

I had my cervical screening last month and received the results last week after 4.5 weeks. It said I was hpv positive and had abnormal cells and would be referred for an urgent colposcopy and I would need treatment. No more info was provided regarding what they had found. I was in a bit of a mess after this as my previous 2 have been fine. 

I hadn't heard anything a week later so I contacted the hospital on wednesday and was told my appointment was the next morning. Good job I called because I didn't receive the letter until today! 

Anyway, I went to my colposcopy appointment yesterday to be told it was glandular cells that were abnormal and she would do the treatment there and then. Got all ready and in position, she sprayed the stuff on and then suddenly changed her mind and said I needed it done under general anaesthetic due to the risk of bleeding and not having enough room if I bled too much. Anyone else have any experience of this? I was told it would be referred under the urgent pathway so would be less than 2 weeks.   

After the fiasco of almost missing yesterday's appointment I contacted the hospital today to see if anything had been booked in for me yet to be told I've been booked in for pre assessment on the 19th. Anyone know what this will involve? I had my height, weight and blood pressure checked before I left my appointment yesterday and signed the consent form. No idea yet when the procedure will be but I'd assume more much longer after the pre assessment. More waiting for the appointment letter or phone call I guess to find out more. 

Not entirely sure what I'm looking to achieve by posting really. But I've found this forum helpful over the past week or so. 

I'm not very good at being patient! Anyone else have any experience of glandular cell changes or lletz under general anaesthetic? 

I had my second lletz under general anaesthetic this week. The pre assessment appointment was a week before the procedure itself. It involved a general health check including bloods and screening for MRSA. I also had to go in 3 days before the procedure for a covid test then completely isolate from then until the procedure was complete. Overall a really good experience. I had to be in hospital for 7.30am, the procedure was finished and I was awake by 11.30am and I was discharged at 2pm. Any questions, ask away!

Good luck with it,


Thank you so much for your reply, it has been really helpful and I have a bit more of an understanding of what to expect at the appointment now. Can I ask if just you needed to isolate or the whole household? 


I think recently there have been a few experiences of cgin . My daughter had a lletz after a abnormal smear then colposcopy and biopsy showed cgin and hpv both High grade. Lletz was less then 2 weeks after . It was a bit of a whirlwind very quick between dates . The lletz was under a local and the colposcopist chased her results and MDT a week later showed they removed the abnormal area .I understand this is different than your experience but I wish you all the best . You will be treated quickly and try to have faith in everyone involved their are goverment guidelines and timelines they must adhere too , she has another check up in 6 months round about end of July at the colposcopy clinic and was told she will be monitored closely for several years which she  is fine about and reassures me . I have worked in day surgery in the past and lletz was a common procedure . Wishing you all the best 

Thank you for sharing your daughter's experience. I am so grateful for how quickly things are moving  although it doesn't feel quickly at times when spending so long worrying about everything. I think the fact the doctor was going to do the treatment then changed her mind threw me when I was already incredibly nervous. Never had a general anaesthetic, and throwing changes with covid in and having to go alone isn't helping the anxiety. A week and a half ago I had absolutely no idea what cgin, lletz or colposcopys were. This forum really has helped so much. 


You will be in good hands and as a daycase will be over before you know it , take comfy clothes a good book you will be Alloweed to use your phone .I'm sure the day you go in there will be a few ladies all having the same procedure and if you like it's good to talk . My daughter had to have a covid test and isolate for 3 days as well for a local . Keep busy she has 2 10 month old babies so no time to think of anything else it was me worrying so much but I'm happy with the care she got and know she will be followed up very well .

I had a similar experience in that I went into colposcopy expecting to have the procedure with a local anaesthetic but the doctor had a look and said that I would need general anaesthetic. This totally threw me. He also didn't seem very confident about the procedure and started telling me that if it didn't work I would need a hysterectomy. I was so upset by it that I had to take two days off work afterwards to recover! However, it worked out really well in the end. The day care appointment with general anaesthetic was a really good experience. I had already had one lletz with local anaesthetic which had left unclear margins, hence needing the second lletz. I had never had general anaesthetic before and was quite worried about the whole thing. But it really was a good experience. The staff were lovely and it was great to just wake up with the whole procedure complete.

I had been told that I would need to isolate for two weeks prior to the procedure but I ended up being given a cancellation about a week before so they just asked for me to go in for the covid test three days before then to completely isolate from that time. The instructions said if you live with other people to stay away from them as much as possible and obviously not go to work (either work from home or take the time off). As I have a young family we all just isolated together. Three days went really quickly.

The doctor I had for the general anaesthetic lletz was really positive beforehand and afterwards and reassured me that they would continue to monitor me closely. This really put me at ease. I hope you get a similar good experience with yours. Xx

Thanks for the info, its really helping to put me at ease. Hopefully I can keep busy this week and try to keep my mind off of everything. Easier said than done. Its so reassuring how quickly the NHS work with cases like these when I know others have to wait such a long time just to get an appointment in hospital. 


I had my second LLETZ for CGIN 19/03/21 and have just heard I have clear margins.  It could be that you have a cervix which is in a position which is not so accessible or possibly an ectropian which would be likely to bleed a lot.  As Mabel has said there have been a few more cases of CGIN on here lately but thankfully a number of positive ones.  Wishing you the best for your procedure.  Xx

So happy for you to have good results back. I have heard from the hospital and I have my surgery in 2 weeks. Reading through some other CGIN cases on here with positive outcomes has helped to settle my mind a bit.