Abnormal glandular cell smear and normal colposcopy (pregnancy mentioned)

Hi all

I have my lletz in two days and am trying not to panic.

It started two years ago when I had spotting in between periods. I had a normal smear and ultrasound so put everything down to the copper coil.

I’ve since married so had my coil removed as decided to start trying for a baby. At the same time I had a smear. I presumed it would be fine as both previous smears came back as normal. So started trying… I then got a phone call from my doctors saying my smear came back as abnormal and that it was ‘level 2’ out of ‘5’ so not to panic but I would be getting a letter from the hospital to arrange a colposcopy.

When I turned up for my colposcopy I was told that I’d been given the incorrect information and I actually had abnormal glandular cells. They apologised and then said ‘I’m sure if you’d known you would have brought you husband with you so I’m sorry’!!!

My colposcopy looked normal but as I was in between periods I had to wait to find out whether I might be pregnant before treatment. They also decided to take a second look at my original smear.

So the good news (sort of) is that I’m not pregnant but the bad news is that my original smear was correct. They haven’t given me any indication of how serious my ‘abnormal glandular cells’ are though and I’m freaking out!

I’ve read that glandular cells are more aggressive and that its when the colposcopy comes back as normal that you should be worried as its higher up? I’m also unclear as to how long you should wait before starting to try again for a baby? I’ve just turned 30.

Will they be able to tell me anything about how serious it looks immediately after my lletz? I have a history of panic attacks and depression so am desperately trying not to let this pull me down.

Thank you xx


I know how you feel I had a very similar issue with my smear which did turn out to be cervical cancer. The type I have is called adenocarcinoma which grows higher up so it's harder to detect and is a rare form of cervical cancer. 

The thing to remember is that everyone is different and ever story is different. There maybe some other reason you smear came up as abnormal. It could be a glandular infection. 

The one thing I will say is do not Google anything. I did this at the start and it didn't help me in anyway. You never find an answer that your happy with. I just kept Google more and more untill I was in a complete state of panic. 

If you do have questions speak to your doctor. 

I can say they have moved extremely fast with me. Due to the fact I have 2 children already and the type of cancer I have had a radical hysterectomy but there are other treatment options that means if it is cancer you can still have children. 

I hope this helps in a small way but I know it's hard to not over think every little thing and worry about it. 

Please let me know how you are getting on in the future and this website and forums are perfect if you need someone to talk to that understand. 

All the best


Hi Vikky

Thank you so much and I hope everything works out for you. Please do let me know how you get on with your results.

I've just heard back from the hospital (one week after my Lletz) and relieved to find out that I don't have cancer. My Doctor has been amazing. She knew how anxious I was so called the instant she got my results. They discovered high grade abnormal glandular cells though, so I have to wait until next week after the pathologist has seen my results, to see whether I need another Lletz. Fingers crossed I don't and will just have to wait the 6 months for my next smear. 

I definitely googled way to much, it's difficult not to. My fear now is how much of my birth canal/cervix they will have to remove and what that means for pregancy/labour in the future, but one step at a time I guess. 

I'm now in the process of nagging my friends to get their smears done regularly and if they're worried and not due a smear yet, push for one. This was my thrid smear and I will always wonder whether the high grade glandular cells were missed in the first two. This process has been/is horrible, but I know I'm one of the lucky ones in that it's been discovered and that there are people going through a lot worse. 

Keeping everything crossed for anyone who's reading this and going through the same thing. 






I am so please for you. It's always lovely to hear when someone gets good news. 

I do hope you don't have to have another loop them thing are bloody awful but I wouldn't worry too much about pregnancy and birth I know a few women that had them and they still went on to have babies. 

Wish you all the best