Abnormal discharge with CIN3?

I keep trying to find things about this in an Internet search but all it does is lead me to Cervical Cancer and I don’t really want to be thinking the worst just yet…

My biopsy taken on the 15th December came back is CIN3 and I’m still waiting for treatment. LLETZ was booked for 1st March but they said they area has spread and now I’m waiting for it to be done under GA (so much waiting grr!) which I don’t have a date for yet! :frowning:

I was wondering from anyone’s personal experience (or if anyone knows?) with CIN3 or any CIN would discharge always be present? I know it’s normal for women to get some discharge but I really don’t think mine is normal.

I’ve always suffered with discharge and have been told in the past its various things (cervical erosion, BV, thrush, STIs…) and anything that I’ve been given to cure those things has not helped.

I literally want to rip my vagina off I’ve had enough of all the trouble it causing me! I kept meaning to ask Colposcopy staff about this but it always slips my mind because I’m too busy stressing about what they’re gonna do to me.


Hi xMillie,

That seems an incredible amount of time to wait to have LLETZ. On my second colposcopy I had biopsies and was told I would need LLETZ under GA. It took ages to hear from them and I ended up chasing them up as the paperwork was apparently 'on the consultants desk'. It might be worth a call to your Consultants secretary or failing that, your GP to see what is happening. I was very anxious and needed to have a date to work to for my own sanity! I hope you get some answers and reassurance soon x x

It really is... it's been such a horrible stressful time for me. Which is why I'm now wondering if the discharge I've always had is normal or if its because its actually something more serious. I keep thinking of going to my GP but I know they will only tell me it's something it's not give me anti-boitics or thrush treatment and nothing will change.

My results for biopsy were back 7th Jan (or before, found out from a different hosp appointment) and I didn't get a letter with appointment for LLETZ until the 23rd Jan which the date for that wasn't until the 23rd Feb. I had to re-book it to the 1st March because of my period. 

Then I went to have the LLETZ but they couldn't do it because of how the cells have spread and said I would need GA (and possibly a different treatment, not sure?).

I have a date for the preassesment but even that isn't until the 29th March! I was told I would be urgent but I haven't felt like it at all. :(

Thanks for the reply!

Hi Again,

Arrrggghhhh how frustrating. I literally felt like my life drew to a standstill and did not cope at all well waiting. The good news here is that if they have even the remotest suspicion of anything more serious than pre-cancer, I believe they have to get you in within 2 weeks. Whilst waiting and stressing, this was a great consolation to me whenever my mind started wandering. Hopefully you will get a date through for your op really soon. I think my pre op and LLETZ were within a week or 2 of each other. If in doubt, do chase them up, even if via your GP so you have something to work towards x x 

I'm feeling like that :(

I'm meant to be planning my wedding (Feb 2017) but I've found it very hard to be excited. I've canceled going dress shopping twice now because I haven't felt up to it. We can't cancel/move the wedding it now as various things are booked otherwize I would totally be moving the date.

My mind does keep wandering! The discharge is worrying me (no one else has posted here with my problem yet?) google keeps leading me to Cancer which I really don't want to be thinking that.

I go away next week and all I can think about is this ughhh!