Abnormal discharge and abnormal cells/high risk HPV

Hi everyone this is my first time posting.

I recently had screening results back which identified abnormal cells. It didn’t specify what kind (I am in Wales). For the past three years I have tested positive for high risk HPV also, but no cell changes were previously detected.

I have my first colposcopy appointment in 2 days time. I am thankful they are seeing me so quickly but the wait is killing me. I am so so anxious and I haven’t slept a wink for two whole nights now, am struggling to eat and feeling sick.

I know abnormal cells are relatively common but what is really worrying me is that I’ve been having abnormal discharge. I’ve had brown watery discharge for much longer than usual after my last period (7 days) and now I’m having constant very watery slightly pinkish discharge. I can feel it coming out all the time and it’s there every time I wipe after peeing. I have never had this before. I also missed a period in my previous cycle which is unusual for me but I put it down to stress. I don’t have any signs of infection or any itching or pain.

I’ve been told that abnormal cells don’t cause any symptoms or discharge, so now I’m thinking the worst- that I must have cancer. I tried getting a sooner appointment at the colposcopy clinic but they couldn’t offer me anything. Any advice appreciated xxx

Hello good luck for your colposcopy, just wanted to let you know that I had LLETZ treatment for CIN3 abnormal cells and I did have symptoms that I ignored for a whole year, Covid didn’t make it easier, I experience some bleeding after sex and in between periods, and pelvic pain. so some people can have symptoms with CIN. Take care.

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Hi thanks so much for sharing your experience, that is reassuring to hear and I hope you are all recovered now. X