Abnormal Colposcopy & Preg

Hi,  When I was referred to the hospital for unexplained infertility & 2 MCs they did a smear which came back as abnormal,  I had the Colp and LLETZ to remove CIN3.  I was due for my 6 month check up yesterday and I am now 6 weeks pregnant... guess what... abnormal white patch :(

I'm now waiting for the call as the specialist said as long as it's not cancer he can leave it and monitor it until 28 weeks at least.

I'm so devastated,  We have lost 2 babies already and we just were hoping it would be third time lucky.  If I manage to deliver this baby I am going to ask for a hysterectomy.  My specialist tells me I am being dramatic but I am 38 years old - having no more kids after this, I already buried my mum to this dreadful disease and my sister is a survivor.  I can't see any point taking any unnecessary risks anymore.  I swore to myself after the removal of my CIN 3 that if I had a repeat of that I would get it all taken out.  My Mum had recurring abnormals and if she had a hyst after the first few she may have lived - her cancer grew behind the cervix and had pretty much already killed her by the time they finally did a hyst and found it.

I needed to let this out to people who might understand.  I've lived in fear of this disease for over a decade and it's just doing my head in knowing the abnormal cells are still rampant down there... and could cost me my little one.

Has anyone else opted for a hyst before the cancer shows up?  I mean they say CIN3 will become cancer if not removed... well what if they miss one little bit?  Also I always thought if my smear was clear it meant i had no abnormal cells but I have now been informed a smear is a SAMPLE... so if they sample a healthy area I may have a false sense of security.  Now I want a colp every time and thats going to cost some serious $ but at the moment my med insurance covers it thank goodness. I just know my mum did everything right and always had her checks and treatment and they still couldn't stop this from killing her - that is my biggest fear - trusting in the process and having it fail.




Hello sweetheart.

I feel for you really I do. I just wanted to send you a huge great hug


Be lucky


Hi Nzip007,

I really feel for you , and totally understand where your coming from , i have had abnormal smears for 10 years and have just been quiet matter of fact about it all.

But after receiving this years results from my smear as high abnomalities enough is enough , as much as im aware it has not changed to cancer but im the process of seeing the gyni surgeon next Tuesday to discuss my case , as i have asked for a hysterectomy , ive already  had 3 leetz under local and i may have to have another under general but ive had enough now so im going to fight for hysterectomy this time i will let you know my outcome. In the mean time big hugs for you i hope everything turns out ok for you xx

Thanks Tivoli... I think thats all I really came here for too :)  I appreciate the reply and the sentiment xx

Hi Jackie,  I'm so glad someone understands how I feel about this.  I hope the surgeon listens to you!  Good luck and I will def be following your story.  I know I will have a battle with mine as my friend had to fight him to get hers even after a year long extremely heavy period.

Take care and I wish you well with your journey xx