Abnormal cervix

Last year I tested positive for HPV, I had a biopsy but results were fine, return in 1 year for another smear.
I went for my smear on Thursday, she had barely got the speculum in before she said my cervix looked abnormal and asked if I minded a Dr coming in to look. He confirmed it looked and felt abnormal (very bumpy and hard) I’ve been having pain and abnormal bleeding and lots of discharge too. I’ve been referred on a 2 week wait and have received my appointment for just over a weeks time. I’ve barely slept since being told this, I’m panicking over what will happen to my children if it is CC. I don’t have any support really except my partner and no one to talk to. That’s why I’ve posted here, I’m just feeling lost. :frowning:

I’m going through something really similar. The wait is horrific. I’ve got my appointment next Friday at the gynae clinic and that feels like forever. Fingers crossed you’re all ok, it seems like there’s a lot of other things that can cause an abnormal looking cervix, but it’s always worth getting checked. Also, I found reading stories of people getting cured of cc has helped me feel less terrified if it does turn out to be cc. Theres definitely a lot out there even if it is. Sending love.

Thank you for your reply, sorry to hear your going through similar, I hope your appointment goes well.
Reading posts on here has definitely helped me see it could be so many different things and not necessarily cc my mind keeps going back there though. And reading people’s stories about having treatment and cures has helped too. My appointment is on Tuesday next week, I feel like since I got my appointment time has slowed down and it’s so far away.
Sending love back.