Abnormal cervix

Morning, hope everyone is well.
This is my 1st post, probably too long winded, but I’m anxious and tend to waffle.
I’ve had cone biopsies in my 20s, I’m now in my early 50s. I have PSO and went almost 10years with no periods, then last year I started flooding for 5-6 days every fortnight. A GP at my surgery (never seen before) referred me to the menapause nurse and I was put on hrt in August. Ive returned to GP every other week ( I’ve a lot of medical conditions) but fobbed off (I feel) with " it’s your sciatica/fibromyalgia/CFS/long covid" Anyway I spent half an hour with a GP on Tuesday as I wanted my hrt increasing due to zero tolerance of anything/anyone. She asked to perform an internal and then stated…" I’m sending an urgent referral to gynae as I can see a cluster which I can only describe as like a large graze" She then issued me with a sick note saying it was “initially for 1 month”
Wednesday,not 24hrs later, hospital phoned for me to attend immediately for 3 different pelvic scans. This is where I’m worried/confused…why pelvic scans when they don’t show the cervix? Why did that team see me and not gynacology?
I know if something like that is visible with the eye it’s not going to be fantastic news
I’m going out of my mind, not slept since Monday and barely able to walk due to pain.
Any advice would be appreciated… sorry for waffling.