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hi there i recently had a letter with pretty much no information on sat morning just saying id been referred for a colposcopy eventually after much worry and tears i found out my smear is showing cin 2 ... i have so many questions and im so scared and im hoping this is the best place to come i havent een able to sleep and hav just been crying since the letter ...

* is the colposcopy sore

*can they find worse cells than have appeared on the smear or actually show that they arent even cin2

* is it possible these changes could be caused buy having a coil fitted (i had the smear as i was getting my coil removed)


I am so worried and just need some facts and reassurance


Thank you all xx


Hi Dazie Dazie,


First of all, please don't worry. With CN2 or even 3 they can remove the cells with a simple procedure and you don't need a general anasthetic, just a local and it's similar to having a colposcopy. It's a 15 minute procedure and once it's done it's done, the cells are gone and they are unlkely to return. Afterwards you have smears every 6 months so they can keep an eye on you.

The colposcopy itself (I've had 2) is similar to a smear but its longer and they take a biopsy which dosen't hurt because they use local anasthetic. You can see your cervix on a tv screen but you can look away if you don't want to see it. The doctor explains what they're doing and tells you straight away if you need any treatment and you can have the treatment there and then or wait until a later date. Afterwards you just have some period like pain for a few hours and a bit of bleeding.

My last colposcopy and biopsy showed up CN1 + HPV + infection so I'm having these treated with cold coagulation in February. I'm so releived after all the stress of waiting for results. Remember that CN1,2 or 3 are NOT cancer and are unlikely to develop into cancer if you have regular smears, colps and treatment when needed. Hope this helps xx


I was in the same boat as you, well maybe a little different. My smear came back as mild, and then the second one 6 months later came back as moderate (cin2). Like you, I had a complete meltdown about it - as I always tend to think the worst - its completely normal and dont beat yourself up about feeling low about the whole thing. 

Smears are not completely accurate, on inspection it may show it is better than they thought or maybe slightly worse <please dont panic at this! When I went for my colposcopy they thought it looked more like cin3 and turned out they were right. Either way cin2 or 3 will be treated and not left. I was dreading the colp but honestly dont worry about it - yes it isnt very dignified but it is like everyone else says a bit like a longer smear. Depending on where you have it done - they may take a biopsy first and wait for the results before treatment or if they see cin2/3 they may treat there and then. I had a biopsy first waited for the results and then went back in for LLETZ. 

I know how horrible it all is, if you have any questions feel free to PM me 


Cat x 

Hey there


I understand your worry and concerns, I was exactly the same. I had the letter saying my smear test results showed that further investigation was needed – it didn’t say whether it was mild, moderate or sever and because I was between GP surgeries, I didn’t know who to call to find out! At least you have an idea of what you’re going in with. On opening the letter, I burst into tears, I have honestly never been so frightened in my life.


I experienced high anxiety (even more because the hospital got my address wrong so I missed the first appointment they made for me!) in the weeks leading up to my appointment. I also did a lot of research – some good, some bad. What I did find is that severe levels of anxiety are common in women awaiting a coloscopy –apparently in some cases they’re higher than anxiety in those awaiting major surgery! I think it’s the unknown that gets to you, and of course the use of the word ‘pre-cancerous’. For me, it was my first brush with the C word and I was terrified. So your anxiety is normal, but please know that in the vast majority of cases, it’s unjustified and you’ll be fine.


The coloscopy itself? I guess everyone has different experiences, but for me, it was absolutely fine. The Sister who performed it had a chat with me first and reassured me that my abnormalities were mild, described what would happen and what would happen after that. She managed to calm me right down, so by the time I went into the room for the procedure, I was even laughing and joking! Hopefully they’ll do the same for you – if not, don’t be afraid to ask for a chat first, it really helps relax and calm you.


The coloscopy wasn’t at all painful, not even that uncomfortable and less embarrassing than a smear! The team of two women were so professional, friendly and understanding when I said I was scared. They took a biopsy – without anaesthetic – and I barely felt a thing. I had some mild cramping and a tiny bit of bleeding afterwards, but nothing to worry me. I have had much worse dental procedures!


I am now waiting for my results, yes, with anxiety, but much less anxiety than I experienced before. I take some comfort from knowing I am in the system and being cared for. If I need the LLETZ, it’s not ideal, but I’d rather get it done than be sorry. If it’s something worse…well, again, I’m in good hands. And I never thought I’d be able to say that so calmly a few weeks ago!


Please try not to drive yourself crazy with worrying – well, people told me that and I couldn’t help it! As other ladies have said here, most women are fine who go through this and the treatment is usually simple and quick. We’re very lucky to have this system in place – even if it does make us mad with anxiety!

I don't know about the coil but I seem to recall reading soemthing on here where a woman had had a coil just removed. However, i'm not the best person to advise on this. Your GP should be able to help you or they can explain at your appointment.


Keep in touch and keep sharing on here – this forum is a really good source of support xx


That u so much for your replies its so nice to be able to talk to someone who understands gow you feel i font want to go kn about it roo much to my family as i dont want them getting all worried about it ... 

I just hate the thoughts of them finding something alot worse than the smear says but i know im just being silly anout that ... I found the smear really uncomfortable and was worried that them injecting the anaethetic into the cervix is goung to hurt iv hardly slept before 2 since sat as it just keeps going round in my head about it all but at least iv only to wait til fri before my appointment ... Another question i forgot to ask .. When u have cin2 does that mean u automatically have hpv as well or can somethjng else cause it

 I think they really need to look at the lettwes they send oyt they really need to giv people more information to calm the panic i think ... 

Hi there just wanted to update u all i had my colposcopy on fri 21st and i was just so nervous it was unreal but afterwards i hav to say it really wasnt as bad as i thought at all id worked myself up so much ...

They took three biopsies and said the results wud be back in about 3 weeks what with Christmas and new year etc ...

I must say now im starting to stress about the results of the biopsy :( i keep thinking the worst and that the biopsy will come back worse :( the dr said that what she saw was what the smear had said cin2 so should i relax knowing she does this all the time and would know if things were worse :( can anyone shed some light on this for me .. i cant believe how aweful this whole waiting is lbut equally if i got the letter any earlier id for sure think things were awful xxx

Hey. I’m glad the colp wasn’t as bad as you’d feared. I share your frustration on the waiting time though, it’s been a month since my biopsy and still nothing! Like you, my rational mind says there was no cause for concern at the colp, but the bigger part is stressing! Part of the reason is they kept getting my address wrong at first (I moved house recently) and even though I’ve told them the new one, I’m worried there’s a letter lying in the wrong flat! Really doesn’t help the anxiety! I am going to call the clinic after six weeks if no word.

I know it is hard but from what I read on here, if there is something that causes concern they don’t mess around. We’d have been whisked back if they had spotted something. So, please try not to worry (advice to myself too!) as the likelihood is it will be fine, and at least we are in the system just in case it isn’t.

X x

Thanx for ur reply Charlotte… My results were here on wed when I came in from work I was so nervous opening them but thankfully all my prayers were answered when it said it was grade 2 abnormalities same as smear so iv to go for cold coagulation on fr 25th… I’m so much more relaxed now and just want to get it over with. I had stayed off Google and these forums until I had my results as I was scouring them looking for answers and it was just making me more worried :frowning: I really hope ur results come in soon xox

Hi all I'm new on the site and looking for information really. I've been diagnosed with cn1 but with negative hpv

My consultant has said he is very surprised as he could see something going on from the colposcapy he performed in January.

Now he has said i should wait until August to see what developes as he thought results would have been cn2 and it's not unheard of for hpv to come back as negative.

He said I shouldn't worry just saving me from going through treatment twice