Abnormal cells that aren’t pre-cancerous


I had a biopsy at the end of February and received a letter on Saturday. The letter said that no pre-cancerous cells were found. Although this is reassuring it does not account for the smear result and that the smear and biopsy are going to be reviewed at a cervical MDT on the 5th April.

Has anyone had a similar situation? I am now wondering what the abnormal cells can be if they aren’t pre-cancerous? Can they just be abnormal cells that just need removing? 

Thanks for any help,

Amy x 

Good afternoon. Hope I can help x

I had CIN 1 four months ago that’s rapidly progressed to CIN 3, my last biopsy I was told I was in the rare 2% where it rapidly progresses. I spoke to the specialist and he said best case scenario it comes back CIN3, because if it comes back different than the smear results they will need to re check the smear themselves and then re biopsy, wasting time and allowing this to rapidly progress to possibly cancer.

I asked what happens if the biopsy doesn’t match the smear results (smear said cin3 and he said may come back CIN2). He informed me that they go off the smear results over the biopsy results.

with a biopsy it is easy for them to take a sample from the wrong area or an area not affected, so it can be missed. He informed me a trial in Canada a few years ago had the best specialist in the world take samples from the sites they thought were most affected, then other specialists toil four random biopsies from the cervix ignoring the sites they thought would be most accurate. Turns out that even the best specialist in the world missed the affected areas and it’s far more accurate to do four random samples, but due to minimising patient discomfort most places dont do this as they need to meet the patient half way.

if the biopsies come back different to the smear, they request the lab results from the smear and redo themselves. If the lab results are proven incorrect (very rare) and match the biopsies then that’s that. If the lab results from the smear are correct, and aren’t matching the biopsy results, they have to re biopsy as it means they’ve missed it (they are only human).