Abnormal cells spread to vaginal walls?



I am 24 and I had my first colposcopy on monday following an abnormal smear ( high grade) I arrived at the hospital and was told they would be doing lletz treatment before I had been examined. During the examination the colposcopist said the abnormal cells have spread to the vaginal walls and were quite deep. She sent the biopises off and told me to wait for the results. Obviously I did a bit of googling and found somewhere on a site had said if abnormal cells spread further than the cervix it is called cervical cancer! Ive been freaking out!! Please could someone tell me whether this is the case or anyone in asimilar situation could give me advice on how to not freak out waiting for results!


Thank you x

Hi worried - don't be worried! At my last colposcopy my anormal cells had spread the the vaginal wall as well. This is NOT cancer. Abnormal, precancerous cells can occur in many places but they don't become cancer unless they break throught the bottom layer of the skin (full thickness of skin is CIN 3). Abnormal cells on the vaginal wall are called VAIN (Vaginal intraepithial neoplasia) and are similar to CIN (Cervical intrepithial neoplasia).. same thing different location.



Thank you, you seem to unfortunatley know a lot a bout this! So I had lletz on a small part of my cervix (I assume for diagnostic purposes mostly) Will I need more treatment to remove the cells on the walls? Its so confusing, they dont tell you much x

Heya worried, I have a background in Science and OCD so tend to "have" to know everything that I can about a particular subject. They do treat VAIN, but they have to be more careful with it as the vagina doesn't have as much tissue to take away as the cervix. If its low grade VAIN they may just wait and see and monitor you. I guess you will hear more when your lletz results come back.


all the best xxx

Thank you so much! I am so impatient about the results, I want them here yesterday!! x


Hi Worried and Jessica,

Hope you are both doing alright following previous treatment?

I had my colposcopy today for high grade cervical abnormalities, after the LLETZ procedure the consultant showed me a picture of the abnormal cervical cells which he had removed...he also showed me abnormal cells on my vaginal wall and said he would refer me back to outpatients for treatment of these.

Any ideas what will happen now?? Obviously I have to wait for an appointment but I don't know what to expect next, will they be able to remove the cells in the vaginal walls? I'm so worried, no idea if this means I have cancer or not...

Any advice would be welcome Frown xxx


i'm hoping someone on here may be able to offer a little piece of advice. I had cervical cancer 20 months ago and had 3 leetz procedures to give me clear margins, I've since had an abnormal smear test (last Oct 13) and after several different biopsies been told I have CIN3 and VAIN3 and been given a date for a hysterectomy and partial vaginectomy of which I have been told is a risky operation and they will be removing a minimum of one third of my vagina (min of 3 cm). i have also been told that it is very highly likely that this multifocal situation (VAIN) will return my consultant has said there is a very high risk of recurrence. I understand the dilemma but I am very concerned how this will impact on my sex life if my vagina is significantly shortened. Plus if it returns goodness only knows! Any advice would be great. My surgery is in a few weeks. I'm also concerned that when under they discover that actually more than 3 cm needs to be removed?!?! 


Thank you and if anyone has any info please comment or message me.  :/   Ps I'm early 40's