Abnormal cells returning

Hi all

I haven’t posted for sometime but here is my story…

At the end of September 2016 I received an abnormal smear result and come mid October I was having a colposcopy. 4 weeks later my results came back as cgin and cin2 the letter stated they removed everything and stated I have a follow up appointment in April. At the point I felt a huge relief and put it to the back of my mind after weeks of worrying.

Yesterday I went to see another consultant regarding my endometriosis. During my appointment he mentioned my recent colposcopy and said that it doesn’t always remove all the cells and it can return. Women who are in your position who have had their family would be recommended to have a hysterectomy! I am only 28 and not ready for kids - always told myself it would be around the time I was 30-32. Now I am starting to worry again that it hasn’t all been removed or it’s going to come back and I will have to have this major surgery before the chance of children etc.

I would really appreciate any of your comments or stories on this matter xx