Abnormal Cells & other (tmi)

Hi ladies,

im know i have recently posted but i thought it would be easier to get straight to the point in this post other then people scrolling through the other one for me to get the answer i want.

i have been told i have abnormal cells with high grade. Anyways my question is over the last couple of days (and i am really sorry for too much information) but is it common to have an increase in discharge and for it to become thicker? as i said sorry for detail here but its slightly worrying me. I am due my cycle on the 12th February but this isnt normal for me at all.

anyways ladies if anyone could help i much appreciate it.


hi kirzt

i have the same problem as i went for my smear and they mentioned about it but i said that the doctors said it can be common in women and some can have heavier discharge than others as its the walls of the vagina cleaning them selves ?! but it stops when you get your girly month then comes back but thats just my experience but i also got tested borderline abnormalities high risk hpv so im not sure my self at this timee as this is what the docotors had told me before the smear. and that is nothink to worrie about. unless its unsual colour or smell then maybe you would want to see your docotor .. sorry hope this helps :)