Abnormal cells not being removed incase of pregnancy

Hello there, just signed up to this site and I like what I see so far. 

Yesterday I went for my colposcopy at hospital after my smear showed severe dyskaryosis. Me and my husband were trying for a baby before my original smear so the hospital wouldn't remove the abnormal cells incase I am pregnant (due on end of month) she said if I'm pregnant I will just need monitoring throughout. She took a biopsy and I'm waiting for results. She said to the other woman its grade 3 - what does that mean??? If I am pregnant I really don't want to risk these cells getting worse. Do you think they will remove them during my pregnancy or not?

As much as I want another baby I really hope I'm not pregnant so I can get my treatment and have a worry free pregnancy.

Any advice about biopsy results and what happens during pregnancy would be great.

Thanks Hannah xxx


Hey :)

By Grade 3 she probably means CIN3 which is usually what it means by severe dyskaryosis. They are just PRE-cancerous cells that need treatment. I know they don't do treatment whilst your pregnant so if you are pregnant they will wait until you have had the baby and keep a close eye on you with colposcopys throughout the pregnancy. The chances of them developing into anything more serious in those 9 months are very slim, which is they feel it is ok to wait and monitor you.

I had to wait about 5 weeks for my biopsy result and I didn't have my lletz for another 3 months after that. Most places don't seem to be as slow but there was a mix up with my paperwork at my hospital.

I hope all goes ok and if you are pregnant - Congratulations and try not to worry too much. They will keep a close eye on you and take good care of you and your baby :) xx

Thank you for your reply. Will post more when I find out if I'm pregnant and my results when I get them.

Hannah :)  

Ok so I wernt pregnant and had my lletz on the 3rd June.... The nurse told me not to try for a baby until my 6 month check shows I'm in the clear - (biopsy results confirmed abnormal cells no cancer found) I was a bit dissapointed I was told to wait, anyways I went to the doctors to go back on the pill and told him what was said. He told me not to worry about it and that I should 'crack on' with the baby making as he thinks I will be fine. Now to wait 6-8 weeks to have sex and get trying :)