Abnormal cells near the vaginal wall and a potential LLETZ under GA

Hey everyone, 


as I type this I'm feeling pretty scared! 


I had a smear test done in feb which came back as severe dyskaryosis and so went for a colposcopy on friday. 

During the colposcopy I found it very uncomfortable, as I had 2 biopsies taken and after it was completed my nurse told me that the abnormal cells were on the edge of the cervix and close to the vaginal wall.Due to this and what she could see,she said its likely I will need treatment (LLETZ) but under general anaesthetic, as the pain could be excrutiating should she catch the sides. 


She also said she would rush my results and they would be back in a week as she would prefer me not to have to wait too long for the treatment, if its confirmed I need it. As with GA it's in a day surgery and I would also need to attend a pre hospital assessment Too.

Has anyone had their abnormal cells near the vaginal wall? I'm concerned this means something different, can it spread to the wall and cause more problems?


also has anyone had LLETZ under GA, what's your experience of it?


I know a weeks wait is better than 4 but Im worried its going to be more serious than pre cancerous cells and I'm frightened, I'm only 25 and have never had to be put to sleep before.

Hey there, I had LLETZ under GA last week and it was fine. i went in at 7am and was taken to theatre at 9:45am. I was up and eating toast by 11:30 and home for 3pm. It took a good week or so to stop feeling dozey from the GA. 

i have had a small amount of bleeding and some discharge since the op and will find out tomorrow if I need another LLETZ or a hysterectomy.

I can't comment on cells near the vaginal wall but hopefully someone will be able to advise soon.

The waiting is the worst of all of this, so getting your results through quickly will mean you can get things sorted very quickly too....it may not feel like now right now.


i hope I've been able to help a bit, let me know if you have any other questions about LLETZ or GA.


jo xx



while I have no idea what it means to have your abnormal celIs close to the wall, I did just have my lletz done under GA as I suffer from hypersensitivity. (25th feb) I have troubles getting through a normal smear let alone burning of my cervix. They performed a colpo/biopsy and tubectomy at the same time. I was very frightened, I had to wait 4 months for my surgeries and once the day was upon me I was so ready to have those disgusting abnormal cells ripped out of me! Still, it is never nice to have someone literally hold your life in their hands. You should however have a chance to speak to someone about your concerns before hand

I spent over an hour with my anesthesiologist who assured me that nothing would happen until I felt comfortable and ready. He encouraged me to ask all the questions I needed... The only thing I worried about after was the little info I got sent home with. They really should give us a 'what to expect' pamphlet at least. My procedures took a few hours as I had some complications, I however do not remember anything at all, for which I am thankful. They assured me they had all sorts of drugs available should I react to the GA and while I am still feeling a little dizzy 7 days later, it is ok and so worth not having to live with the horror of what I have heard some women go through. Just make sure you ask all the questions you want to ask before the day of the procedure (I found it difficult to remember all I wanted to ask on the day) and remember to breathe slow, deep breaths. When you are done, we are here! Xxx good luck!


I can totally empathise with how you feel, Im in the same situation, I had a smear on 23/1/13 the nurse doing my smear told me she could see an ulcer on my cervix so I had a feeling it wasnt going to be good :-(, got results back on 7/2/13 saying I had servere Dyskaryosis, with booking for Colpo on the 12/2/13.

Had two biopsy's taken, but the consultant said she couldnt do the LLetz proceedure although it appeared was an extensive area it was too close to my vaginal wall and that i too have to have it done under a GA.

Im worrying the same as you whether it can spread on to my wall and whether its already cancerous, the waiting is killing me and Ive at least another week and a bit to go (nearly 3 weeks down).

I keep telling myself everything must be fine as I have had no other symptoms, Ive not been very good with having my smears, last one was 7 years ago and the one previous to that was 13 years ago. Im 41 with a 2 yr old and an 8 yr old, and really annoyed with myself for not being more responsibile and having regular smear test :-(

At least we are in the right hands now, its just the waiting and not being told anything thats hard to deal with

Please let me know how you get on

Keep positive


Sally xx


I've had 2 lletz under general anaesthetic and not found it the best, but more the process at the hospital than the actual operation itself! I had to wait from 8am till 4pm to go into theatre, which wasn't ideal, but the recovery was ok. I had moderate pain and bleeding for several weeks, and felt the tiredness of the GA for several days afterwards but was glad to have it done. My results still haven't come through almost 6 weeks later which is my problem at the moment. Hope your operation goes well, take care xx