abnormal cells in the inner lining of the cervix

Hi all just felt the need to get some more info really or to see if anyone has had same experience etc,

Received results from smear via a telephone call from my doctor saying abnormal and that was it , no more information was disclosed other then a urgent referral to colposcopy just over a week later, (never received my appointment through good job i listened to my voicemail’s from the hospital!)
Anyway that another story, So i attended my colposcopy not knowing what to expect as no info of cells and types or anything was put in the later.

I was told im a unusual case (his words) and that i had abnormal cells in the glandular part of the inner cervix? and that this is very tricky to treat. Still none the wiser how bad, so i had a biopsy taken , he said he could see the affected area very clearly?and told they would hold a MDT meeting to discuss the best way to give treatment. This all sounds worrying and a little foreign to me , has anybody else had this ? I hope this all make sense.

Thank you xxx

Endometriosis - 2009
Tubal ligation-2016
hpv positive high risk for 3 years- 14-15
abnormal smear june 16
colposcopy biopsy june 16
awaiting results…

Hi hun 

I had the same in October. He asked if i wanted treatment there and then or wait for biopsy results. I decided to have it there & then . i didn't know what grade i had till i got results letter 3 weeks later . i had cin3 & high grade cgin. They had a meeting about me & they said it had all been removed. I was meant to have a follow up in April but im pregnant so will be going in Nov 



Ive had a very simular experience to you, my smear showed high grade Cgin which I was told was unusual to show on a normal smear. 

I had my Loop biopsy at the end of May and am currently awaiting the hospital contacting me after the mdt meeting. 

Try not to worry, Cgin is still pre cancerous changes and is classed simular to cin3, they also told me its treated in the same way, although it can be harder to detect as its higher up. All Cgin changes are referred to mdt meetings, so it doesn't mean the worst. 

I had my results of the loop back about 3 weeks after saying CIN3 and something called SMILE ( which I think is a form of Cgin)  with no clear margins, and they'd contact me after the mdt meeting to discuss further treatment. 

Hope you're results come through soon x