Abnormal cells back on vaginal wall


4 years ago my womb ruptured in labour, resulting in me having a sub total hysterectomy, leaving my cervix and ovaries. For the following 3 years I had abnormal cervical smears and colposcopy's, starting at borderline changes. The colposcopy I had in April this year showed moderate changes, and it had spread to my vaginal wall. The doctors debated removing my cervix straight away, but decided to give me one treatment of Lletz in June under ga, due to my previous hysterectomy and the risks. After the surgery the doctor said it had gone very well, and she had removed the large areas from both cervix and vaginal wall.

I had to return 2 days ago for a follow up colposcopy. She said my cervix looked fine, and then examined my vaginal wall, and said there was a large area present. She said we would wait for the results of my smear, but that another op to laser away the cells would be needed. 

Im now very concerned, as I experience lots of pain during intervourse, and have pain in my pelvic area. Also, I'm worried that a large area has grown back in 6 months.


Thsnks, Kim

Abnormal cells back on vaginal well