Abnormal cells are back!

Hi all i'm new to the site,

I've always read peoples stories but never been brave enough to actually post.  

May 2017 my smear came back abnormal and hpv+, I was then referred for a colp after a long wait results came back as cin1/2.  I was told to come back in 6 months as the cells sometimes disappear on their own.  So 6 months down the line around Nov 17 I went back for my repeat colp of which my results came back cin3.  I was then put forward for LLETZ under GA Jan 2018 as the area was quite large.  I was told thr treatment is usually very sucessful my results came back with clear margins.. yeyyyy!  So was back to 6 month follow up smears but i had a lot going on last year and kind of missed my follow up or maybe i'd just had enough of it all.  Anyway it played on my mind so I booked myself for a smear at my gp Feb 2020 reults took about 6weeks to come back and have shown moderate dyskarosis, so back too colp i go which was 12/05/20 and thats why im here, really sressed about the whole thing the worry, the wait, the stress!  So sorry for the long post but is anyone else going through the same thing as I've had constant backpain and and pelvic discomfort since my treatment and i'm worried sick. 

Thank you 

kinnykin40 xx


Hi kinkykin

I agree, this is all so stressful and worrying :frowning:
Did they suggest another lletz at your colposcopy?