Abnormal cells after trachelectomy

Hi everyone,

so i went for my 3 monthly check up today (coming up to two years post op now) and the consultant said my last smear in August showed some abnormal cells. Of course i paniced straight away but he told me that this was "quite common" because of the regular smears that I have done, it is common for some abnormal cells to show up. He did another smear and said that if they were abnormal again id have to go back for a colposcopy..... He reasurred me a bit by saying that he didnt see it being a problem and that "he would tell me if he thought it was a big issue".

Has anyone else had abnormal cells show up after a trachelectomy? And did they just go away?!

Hi, I’ve not had any so far, what was your result this time around?

I had wondered what the procedure is when abnormal cells are found post-surgery.

hi just an update, i had another smear and it came back totally clear. The consultant said that when a smear is carried out as often as it is for me (every three months) its quite common for some irregular cells to show up - he didnt seem worried and it will be 3 months until my next smear now. :) xx