Abnormal Cells 6 months after LLETZ

After a smear last year I had the news that I was hpv positive and had abnormal cells. I had the lletz treatment. A few weeks ago I had my 6 month follow up smear.

It showed I am still hpv positive and showing abnormal cells. I was so upset to get the letter.

I had my colposcopy appointment a few days ago and the doctor said she could not take a biopsy as the view was not clear enough because I had my period. The whole thing was quite embarrassing and traumatic. She would not say anything about what she had seen but said that they would write to me and I would need to come back for a colposcopy so they could take biopsies.

I am confused how this can be the case so soon after the lletz treatment and just so worried.

Has anyone had anything similar?

Yeah I had my LEEP procedure last november, had my follow up appointment last february, and then went back another 6 months follow up yesterday and they told me I still had some abnormal cell but low grade… they did two biopsies (really not a fun experience) and now 6-8 weeks to have the results. I’m pretty anxious now, I thought the procedure would’ve clear everything.

I decided to join this forum to have some kind of support because I can’t stop thinking “what if” i’m overthinking. So yeah I know how you feel

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