Abnormal cells 5 years ago

Hello ladies,
A few months ago I found a lump on my groin (lymph node). I lost a lot of weight and went to the doctors. I had a swollen lymph node on my neck to and I got sent for X-ray of lungs. Everything was clear so they put it down to infection.

Fast forward to last week. I get a phone call from the doctors saying my smear test in 2019 showed abnormal cells and I was supposed to go in six months later… I don’t remember getting a letter. Had my smear test on Tuesday and I’m just beside myself. I’m avoiding the use of Google so I’m just looking for some advice or even similar situations.

I still have a swollen lymph node on my groin. The one in my neck has went away. Nurse said results are between 2-8 weeks, but because I had abnormal cells in my last smear it will be more the 8 week mark. Seems like a long time doesn’t it. So annoyed I didn’t chase up results in 2019. Just life gets in the way. Moved into my new house with my little girl… so yeah think that’s why I didn’t get the letters.

If anyone is going through the same situation feel free to reply. Don’t want to talk to family about it…