Abnormal cells 4 years later?


Hi! Apologies if this is in the wrong place! 

I was diagnosed with stage 1B1 adenocarcinom, CGIN and CIN2. This was treated with a LLETZ and follow up surgery to investigate my bladder. It was decided between my consultant and myself that I wouldn't have a hysterectomy as I wasn't sure on my family situation. 

Fast forward 4 years! I am still under the consualtants care and have regular check ups and abnormal cells have been found again. I am still HPV positive also. 

I have a colposcopy appointment next week abs would love some insight into what I should expect/push for. I feel I would like a hysterectomy now, as it would be such a relief! Will this be offered or do you think another LLETZ would suffice?


Thanks so much! Xx

Hi Sazzle,


I have seen many posts on this forum of people who have had a hysterectomy without a cancer diagnosis (but have had CIN II, CIN III or CGIN), so I don't think you will have any resistance if you make your wishes for a hysterectomy known. X

Hi Sazzle. I am currently awaiting the date for my hysterectomy op, I was offered it straight off the back as I was finished my family. My consultant said it's a difficult and stressful thing to live with and recommend it for me. I have CGIN which I think is perhaps why it was suggested straight off but I don't think they will be adverse to it if it's ongoing for you. Good luck, hope it all goes wel xx