Abnormal cells 2 years after cone biopsy?

Hi all!

I’ve never posted in a forum before, but I’m struggling to find any info on my query online.

I don’t want to get over excited, but waiting 3-5 days for results can feel like a lifetime, right? 

Ive been having regular smears since I was 19, now 33. 2 years ago, I had CIN3 detected in my bi-annual smear. I was straight in for a cone biopsy the following week, which was apparently successful. I have had clear smears since then, the last being in December 2018, and was due an annual one December this year. However, my last 2 periods have been completely unusual for me, extremely heavy bleeding, changing tampons every hour, I’ve had spotting between periods and occasional unusual watery discharge, as well as non period related cramps. I’m healthy, active, steady weight, low BMI and only same partner. 

I have been to my Dr (Friday) and had a smear, just awaiting the results. I suppose my question is, could I have developed CIN3 or other in such a short time? I’m sure everything’s ok as I have been under close watch for the last 2 years, but my symptoms are very sudden and extreme. Has anyone needed 2 cone biopsy’s in a reasonable short space of time? 

Sorry, I didn’t mean for that post to be so long, so congrats for making it to the end, and thank you! Lol!