Abnormal cell changes after leep - HELP

I am a 23-year-old female and in August 2020 I got my biopsy back that said I had AGUS and it was pre-cancer and high risk HPV was detected so I had a LEEP procedure in October 2020. In Feb. 2021, I had my follow-up pap smear and it showed ASCUS with high risk HPV. I just had my next follow-up pap smear and it showed ASCUS with high risk HPV again. During my appointment, my OB shared that if it came back abnormal I would have to have a surgery under anesthesia but didn’t go into more detail about what exactly that entails because she could tell I was already really upset. My doctor has an online “my chart” thing so that’s how I just saw the results but they have not called me yet to talk about it.
Has anyone been through this? If so, what are the next steps? What are the risks?

Hi, clu22
I’m sorry to hear you’re going through this. I can’t reassure you - I’m on the other side of diagnosis and treatment for advanced cancer - but I just wanted to urge you to talk to the people who are looking after you. They know what you have. No-one else does. Any story anyone here can tell you relates to them. It’s interesting to hear what happens to other people but it has no bearing on what will happen to you.
Trusting your medical team and communicating openly with them is the best thing you can do.
I hope someone else responds too.
Take care

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Hi clu22,

I agree with CLeG - you really need to talk to your care team about this. Obviously you are going to have some treatment (everything would be under some anaesthesia) which means they are on the case and will do all they can to rid you of the abnormal cells - but as to what they are going to do, only they can tell you. Try not to panic - as you will see there are many, many women having treatment for abnormal cells on this forum, and some will have LLETZ and some a deeper procedure - depending on their circumstances. The good thing is that someone is going to do something about it. If it’s come up on ‘MyChart’ (isn’t it useful!) then I suggest you call and ask someone to explain to you what the next step will be, and ask any questions you have.