Abnormal bleeding

Hi all,

I may be just panicking however I bled after sex this morning, which I have never done before. My history is having had my first smear aged 25 I never had a clear one which lead me to have LLetz treatment for CIN3 last year. I was also found to have the HPV virus. After the treatment they said they didn't need to see me again for 3 years.

I am sorry if this is too much information however the blood after sex this morning was quite fresh/ish and included a small but fresh clot. I finished my period on Thursday with tail end brown spotting - not much at all, then absolutely no bleeding yesterday. 

At the time of writing this 11.45am I have had no blood since the incident this morning around 9.00am.

I know it is likely to be period blood but the clot was such a bizarre thing to have, especially after finishing my period? I don't want to worry my family and fiance as my father has just been diagnosed with Bowel cancer and I am meant to be getting married in July so life is a bit topsy turvy for everyone at the moment and a false alarm from me will certainly not help the situation!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated,

Thanks in advance!




Hi, It could be down to a number of things so your best bet is to book in with the GP and get them to check you as it shouldn't be ignored. Jade

Hi Ginger. I can understand how scary this must be. At my recent smear I bled, which has never happened before.  But as jade says, it could easily be a number of things. Sometimes with my period, it seems to be finished and then I get a totally unexpected final bleed. Could be that, as your last period was so recent. 

Please try not to worry, easier said than done I know! Always good to get these things checked out but remember there could be a very good reason for it xxx