Abnormal Bleeding.

Last month I experienced spotting after sex, and this continued for about 3/4 days. I went to my Doctor's about this who said that it was likely from a UTI (as I was found to have one). I was given antibiotics and the bleeding stopped. However, on Saturday I had some slight bleeding during sex. Myself and the guy didn't realise this until a saw a splash of blood on the bed cover. My period had finished on th Wednesday/Thursday and the blood looked slightly brownish in colour and not fresh, so I'm wondering if it was from that. After this, I had sex twice on Sunday and didn't bleed. I have since been to my local GUM clinic who took some cervical swabs, however I think this was testing for different STI's. 

So, two questions:

1. Is this type of bleeding sounding consistent with Cervical Cancer symptoms? (I've been recommended to go on the pill as well but the packet says not to with unusal bleeding)

2. Even if this swab was just for STI's, would it still come back with abnormal cells if I had any?



Bleeding after sex is one of the symptoms of cervical cancer along with a few other symptoms too, however this is not to say you have it and if it's a brown colour that would indicate old blood? 


Theyve be taken the swabs so await those results and go from there hun, try not to worry yourself about it when was your lat smear? Xx