Abnormal bleeding & irregular periods





I am hoping for a little reassurance really.




my story isn't a long one really, I've got 4 children and I'm 35. Not on any contraception as my husband has had the snip.


Had CIN III when I was 24 after my first child ans had this removed by loop. All has been fine and dandy since in my yearly smears.


Had my last one about 4 months ago and has come back clear.


I have had irregular bleeding on and off for the last few months too along with irregular periods (I'm usually pretty good, like clockwork) I have now also started bleeding after sex, quite substantial amounts, not just on wiping.  I'm not sure if it's in my head but I kinda feel constantly PMT like too...my poor family! :(


I have a doctors appointment booked for 3rd July as this is the soonest they have!


Anyone experience this or have any words of advice? Just a little worried.


Any help appreciated, thanks ladies xxx