Abnormal bleeding and not on birth control

Hi everyone. I have been of Birth control for over 3 years now and have had irregular periods since, just recently from beginning of March I have been bleeding between periods with a lot of brown blood also this happend throughout March to may, had one month without bleeding in between but now it’s started again ranging from fresh blood to dark. I had a smear test today and brown/red blood came from me afterwards. Blood test and ultrasound was clear. Has anyway experienced this when not on any form of birth control. My anaxiety is getting the better of me.

Hello! I’m sorry you’re experiencing this. I’ve been spotting in between periods similar to yours but I did change my birth control pill type/hormones recently so I’m not sure if it’s related. I recently got my HPV test result which is a negative. Did you manage to find out what’s causing yours?

I didn’t unfortunately. I havnt been on birth control for over 3 years. My smear came back HPV negative however I was concerned about something going on higher up in my cervix that a smear can’t detect. I’m giving it another month and if it continues I will be going back doctors. Hopefully it’s just my hormones and nothing sinister. I need to stop googling lol x